I am a woman

I am a woman, a phenomenal woman, I am a beautiful mess, that carries her struggles with pride and when I love, I love for real.

I am a woman… I am not easily broken, I make things happen and not even pain or temporary setbacks will stop me from unleashing the greatness that lives within me.

My skin that glows like the African sunset on a hot summer’s day is a constant reminder that I am the daughter of the African soil, worthy of everything that is coming my way. I am magic and my radiant glow is a beam of hope.

I am a dime so precious and valuable, but not all will appreciate, but that wont stop me from shining.

My spark is eternal and wherever I go I sprinkle bits and bits of my birthright royalty.

I inspire, I love, I motivate and I birth beautiful blessings.

You can abuse me, rape me, kill me, but my spark? You can never take that away from me darling…

You can plant me anywhere you want to, I will still bloom, because I am a woman, a beautiful flower that does not need permission to blossom.

You cant break me, because I am a diamond, I am strength, I am resilience, I am a queen.

I am a woman.


Note to the girl in the mirror

By: Naledi Mokgele

Today you are going to wake up, fix your crown, look straight in to the mirror and tell that girl… That she is beautiful, worth it, and the world is her play ground. 

Today she will live her best life, she will forgive herself for her past mistakes and those who have done her wrong and she will move on with her life. 

Today you will remind that girl, that greatness lives within her, tell her she is been through hell and back, but she survived, because she is a soldier and she is not easily broken. 

Today you will tell her that, perfection is just an illusion, God loves her perfect imperfections, remind her to embrace those flaws, because they are beautiful. 

Today, you will love yourself, be happy and be unapologetic about it. 

Today, you are walking away from all the drama and negativity, 2017 is your year of self discovery, a year where you become selfish with your happiness, a year where you do you, they don’t have to like it, remember it is not about them, it is all about YOU! 

Today you are freeing yourself from the chains of this world.

Today you are not going to conform to the standards of society, live your life and shine, embrace that spark that lives within you. 

Today you rock that crown and try once again, don’t give up on yourself, but first breath, breath in the good air and breath out the bad air. 

Today I promise to love the girl in the mirror more, because she is a reflection of my soul, she never judges me, she is my biggest supporter and my only competition. She smiles back at me, when the world is ready to eat me up alive, she is the reason I have achieved all I have and the reason I am still hoping for better days and to reach grater heights. 

To the girl in the mirror, I love you and thank you for always being there when I felt alone, but most importantly I want you to know that i amdmire your strength. 

Concrete jungle 2014’s beautiful memories

By: Naledi Mokgele

When home is the Hilton Hotel and Times Square is a few walks away from you, one can not help, but feel important in life, beautiful scenery and a perfect taste of the concrete jungle were dreams are made of. Tour bus to the world trade centre, cruise to the Satatue of Liberty and a drive around the city seeing the Empire State building, man I swear this is what living your best life feels like. This trip has left me dreaming and praying that I make enough money to travel the rest of the world and take beautiful pictures. 

Except for the yellow cabs, driving in the opposite direction and the accent  New York City in my eyes is a bigger version of Sandton, It is not what I was expecting, maybe TV sold me dreams, because honestly New York to me was home away from home. The food was not my favourite part of the stay, nothing will come close to my moms home cooked meal, done the South African way.

If I could go back, I would at any given moment, the summer there is too real, I burnt a couple of hours upon my arrival and I was already a shade darker. Shopping at 10 pm on a hot summers night in stores like H$M and Forever21 was the best feeling in the world, highlight of my stay I am telling you. Not forgetting Starbucks coffee of course, Oh and the MacD there? Heaven I tell you! The beautiful, yet busy Time Square is so much alive at night it just looks so magical with those electronic billboards. New York has this strong aura that one can not help, but feel like you can conquer anything in the world when you are there. It was home away from home, I would definetly love to go back and experience the winter and hopefully have a white Christmas, just like in movies.

I am an African, daughter of the African soil. 

I hope you know that hair is every women’s rightful crown, so please don’t make me feel bad for being comfortable with my own hair. Don’t instil doubts in me, doubts that my hair is not good enough and even in 2016 there’s no room for my big afro.

I hope you know that… My hair is my pride, my hair is my identity, my hair is my human right, my knots are beautiful and my African hair is what makes me proud to be daughter of the African soil.

You teach me self-love, but why should I love myself with conditions? Why is my hair an issue? How does it disturb your peace? It took me a long time to accept my natural hair, to feel beautiful with my natural hair, I will not let anyone to tell me otherwise. I am not your expectations, I am the soul that lives within.

“At the turn of the century it is time for us to redefine who we be. You can shave it off like a South African beauty or get in on a lock like Bob Marley, you can rock it straight like Oprah Winfrey. If it is not what’s on your head, it’s what’s underneath and say hey hey I am not my hair” India Arie_I am not my hair

Black child you are beautiful don’t let them tell you otherwise.


faith prevails in the streets of Pretoria

People always say, be grateful of what you have because someone else is busy praying for all that you have and I fully comprehend, because my experience in the streets of Pretoria has left me humbled.

What left me in awe the most was a man I met in the streets who reads a bible everyday, because it helps him. I thought of the amount of times my faith has been fragile, where i kept questioning God’s will and that time I have food, clothes and and a roof over my head. I can not begin to comprehend what a normal day is like for a homeless person, how they survive the cold winter nights with an empty stomach is what gets to me all the time.

There are real life stories, real families and intellects in our streets, we are just so busy absorbed in our busy lives that we don’t stop to make time and add a little bit of hope in someones life.

Facing our true selves

Facing our true selves

Society will tell you to be different and still bash you for not doing what everyone else is doing, that is society for you, that is the world we live in. We live in a world where morals and values are compromised daily just for likes and follows.

We live in a world where normal girls that don’t party and drink every weekend are seen as boring. We live in a world where, education is not free, but a privilege. We live in a world where, graduates serve champagne in restaurants to our sisters who chose the ‘champagne lifestyle’ over school.

We live in a world where, we don’t spoil each other with love and loyalty, but rather a world where you are celebrated for having lots of haters. We live in a world where, our role models are video vixens, half naked girls and not the likes of Mama Precious Makgosi Moloi Motsepe.

My question is, are we really that easily influenced that every day we lose bits and bits of our identity. Is it really why we are here? I feel we need to be less influenced by celebrities and social media.  It might also be because we always feel the need to conform to the standards of society or it could be to always want to try and fit in, even if it means compromising our morals.

No I am not judging, I am just trying to understand why we are afraid to  unleash the greatness that lives  within us. Maybe our greatest weakness is that we attach our self worth to what society deems as ‘cool’.

There is just so much greatness within us and we are not realising it. It is ok to be different because, you are your own beauty and that is what makes you different. it is ok to be different and let society celebrate you for your individuality.
Well these are just my thoughts.