I am a blogger, who blogs about absolutely anything, if I have an opinion about it best believe I will write about it. I created this blog to share my thoughts with the world, my blog is basically a reflection of the world through my eyes. Welcome to my blog I trust and hope you will enjoy your stay.

You probably wondering, what my blog is alll about, well let me give you an idea of who blackstar is and what she blogs about. Although fashion and the entertainment industry are my first love I try to blog about everything. You can call me a lifestyle blogger although I prefer no ‘ titles’ that way I dont feel boxed. I am inspired by bloggers like; http://www.capetowngirl.co.za and http://www.missmillib.blogspot.com.

Black Star is a final year media student, an aspiring journalist with an arty soul, a model, a lover of photography and travelling. I believe the world is my ramp, therefore I will always put on my heels and catwalk my way to success. I don’t conform to the standards set by society, I am an individual that believes in celebrating her flaws and embracing them. Welcome to my world, let’s chat, engage and have fun, my thoughts and your thoughts. My pass time favourite blogs are momentsbydjzinhle.com, Kaylasnippets.wordpress.com and http://www.jeromebynatliv.com. You might enjoy them too.

We’ll recently, my blog has taken a huge twist I have been covering elections, doing photo journalism stories, doing press releases and power point presentations. Pretty much confusing I know, I am sure you guys were not expecting that. Well my blog is actually a build up of my portfolio, been assigned to do a couple of different stories towards my Journalism final year marks, which includes Photo Journalism, Internet Journalism and Journalism. But, Don’t worry we are still going to blog about my thoughts, entertainment and fashion, so stay tuned and enjoy your stay. ​​


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