Society will tell you to be different and still bash you for not doing what everyone else is doing, that is society for you, that is the world we live in. We live in a world where morals and values are compromised daily just for likes and follows.

We live in a world where normal girls that don’t party and drink every weekend are seen as boring. We live in a world where, education is not free, but a privilege. We live in a world where, graduates serve champagne in restaurants to our sisters who chose the ‘champagne lifestyle’ over school.

We live in a world where, we don’t spoil each other with love and loyalty, but rather a world where you are celebrated for having lots of haters. We live in a world where, our role models are video vixens, half naked girls and not the likes of Mama Precious Makgosi Moloi Motsepe.

My question is, are we really that easily influenced that every day we lose bits and bits of our identity. Is it really why we are here? I feel we need to be less influenced by celebrities and social media.  It might also be because we always feel the need to conform to the standards of society or it could be to always want to try and fit in, even if it means compromising our morals.

No I am not judging, I am just trying to understand why we are afraid to  unleash the greatness that lives  within us. Maybe our greatest weakness is that we attach our self worth to what society deems as ‘cool’.

There is just so much greatness within us and we are not realising it. It is ok to be different because, you are your own beauty and that is what makes you different. it is ok to be different and let society celebrate you for your individuality.
Well these are just my thoughts.



2 thoughts on “Facing our true selves

  1. If being different means being respectful of yourself and your body then it’s certainly a wonderful thing! God bless your efforts to bring about change in your generation.


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