I am an African, daughter of the African soil. 

I hope you know that hair is every women’s rightful crown, so please don’t make me feel bad for being comfortable with my own hair. Don’t instil doubts in me, doubts that my hair is not good enough and even in 2016 there’s no room for my big afro.

I hope you know that… My hair is my pride, my hair is my identity, my hair is my human right, my knots are beautiful and my African hair is what makes me proud to be daughter of the African soil.

You teach me self-love, but why should I love myself with conditions? Why is my hair an issue? How does it disturb your peace? It took me a long time to accept my natural hair, to feel beautiful with my natural hair, I will not let anyone to tell me otherwise. I am not your expectations, I am the soul that lives within.

“At the turn of the century it is time for us to redefine who we be. You can shave it off like a South African beauty or get in on a lock like Bob Marley, you can rock it straight like Oprah Winfrey. If it is not what’s on your head, it’s what’s underneath and say hey hey I am not my hair” India Arie_I am not my hair

Black child you are beautiful don’t let them tell you otherwise.



faith prevails in the streets of Pretoria

People always say, be grateful of what you have because someone else is busy praying for all that you have and I fully comprehend, because my experience in the streets of Pretoria has left me humbled.

What left me in awe the most was a man I met in the streets who reads a bible everyday, because it helps him. I thought of the amount of times my faith has been fragile, where i kept questioning God’s will and that time I have food, clothes and and a roof over my head. I can not begin to comprehend what a normal day is like for a homeless person, how they survive the cold winter nights with an empty stomach is what gets to me all the time.

There are real life stories, real families and intellects in our streets, we are just so busy absorbed in our busy lives that we don’t stop to make time and add a little bit of hope in someones life.