Being different is ‘cool’ too

Rumor has it that conforming to the standards of society is no more a trend. Being a rebel is the new cool and being different is the new trend. Ever heard of fashion of fashion rebels? The cool kids on the block, that are not afraid to express themselves differently even if society is always ready to bash them?
The founders of the social market have started a new culture in the streets of Pretoria a culture where people are united through art. A culture where a different is the new normal, The Social Market celebrates uniqueness and it is a ‘playground for individuals that don’t want to be boxed or are tired of being labeled as weird , just because they refuse to succumb to a norm set by society.
On Sunday I am going to brace the streets of Pretoria and join the new movement, where i will be celebrated for just being me the event is taking place on Sunday at 012 Central Stanza Bopape Street opposite the Reserve bank.
I am so excited to be part of this exciting phenomenon, let us tweet @StarsThoughts05 don’t be the odd one out join the ‘hashtag’ #RebelsAtHeart looking forward to seeing you all cool kids at the social market.


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