The social market frenzy

IMG-20160816-WA0005By: Naledi Mokgele

So I went to the Social market on the 4th of August on Sunday at 012 Central and it was packed, people arrived in numbers including, regulars and first timers like me to celebrate fashion, art and to socialise. Social MMarket takes place on the first Sunday of every month it is the home of rebels, fashion, food and art.

All my life I have never thought of myself as an outcast, untill I got to the Social Market where I felt like I was from a different planet and had missed the memo. I was so overwhelmed and my eyes could not help, but stare at every second person I came across. The type of clothes people wear at the Social market is so different. Even their hair is out of this world as I came across all hair colours from pink to green.
I admire the people at the Social Market for being so bold and unapologetic about it, I always thought of myself as someone who never wants to conform to the standards of society. However after my visit at the Social Market I realised I’m just an average girl that actually plays it safe.

The food at the Market was amazing and the people were friendly, but as for the fashion I am not too sure hey. It is very extreme and demands attention, and it got me asking myself is the extreme hair and fashion really a symbol of being different or is it individuals who are ocassionally  misunderstood screaming for the world to stop and take notice of their existence? My visit to the Social Market has however taught me that as people we express ourselves differently and it is ok.


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