‘A writer that speaks through fashion and photography’

Naledi Mokgele is a final year media practitioner student, majoring in Journalism. She is more of a writer and a talker than a photographer, but believes a good piece is never complete unless accompanied by a well captured moment. But then again I know I am a professional selfie photographer, but lately my Photo Journalism journey has opened my eyes to a world that I have been so blind to, I mean only now I fully grasp the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

Even though I am starting to love taking pictures of everything but,  myself of course, talking however is what always brings the journalist in me to come alive. On a lighter note though, if I am not trying to find ways to improve my craft, like doing the experiential training I did at Jacaranda FM, I do a bit of modelling. 

Broadcast journalism and investigative journalism are my fields of interest. Oh by the way, do you know I have travelled to New York for modelling and acting, while still juggling school? Pretty awesome right? I know! Well, basically it is safe to say I am a girl that knows the sky is definitely not the limit and that is why I am always constantly trying to get my share of the big Apple. I know I was not born to just exist, I am here to leave a mark, even if it is my 1000 selfies, at least the world will still remember me. ​


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