Fashion is a drug my whole family is hooked on

So I was asked to do a photo story on something I am passionate about…Well, we all know fashion is something I love, so I thought why not write a fashion post about someone that’s got me hooked on this fashion drug. Yup! My mama. My fashion icon is no supermodel, she is flawed and she is what a heart in a shape of a human being looks like. My fashion icon is someone I call mom, the same woman that sits front row and screams at all my fashion shows. Defying the stereo type of aging, is what my mother does best, the pictures below represents a woman of a 21st century, a woman with class, style and a woman that knows, looking good is a form of good manners. Capturing my mother’s outfit of the day makes me happy, because she expresses herself through the clothes wrapped around her beautiful African skin and her confidence blossoms like the beautiful Jacaranda trees in spring. A woman with style in my eyes, will forever be young, I celebrate the beauty that is this woman. Style for me, is a permanent crown only a few are born with, so if you have it, embrace it no ​matter your age. Be authentic in how you dress, this world has got too many photo copies anyway. She taught me how to dress, but I make sure just like her I’m authentic in how I dress. Ok now let’s meet the style icon.


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