My lost soul found motivation

By: Naledi Mokgele 

It is so easy to sit at home and start imagining your perfect future, well that is my life, my everyday struggle. My love for the entertainment and events industry, keeps me up all night, but I dont do anthing productive, I just sit nd hope for a beautiful future. I have recently decided to evaluate existing events companies that I know and see what is that I can learn and do differently if I would to start my own events company.

Funny how, sometimes our motivation can be revived, by a simple conversation.I have recently had a conversation with a friend and I was just impressed, by all she has achived, it got me thinking maybe it is time I go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate my life.

Ndivho Mavhungu is a 22 year old owner of ‘everything you’ events, it has been operating for 3 years now and she is also a photographer who takes pictures at her own events. Decorating is not something she always wanted to do, she saw a gap and took it and that is how her events company was born. I love how her company makes the needs of their clients central and not only focusing on money.

It didnt take much for her to start this thriving business, all it required was discipline and dedication. I am yet to master the art of self discipline and give birth to a dream I have always wanted. I found my motivation and I am inspired, by a small town girl from Venda who came to Pretoria to reach for the stars. 


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