A simple idea, bigger dreams

 ​By: Naledi Mokgele

Looking into starting a business? A small and easy business that does not require lots of funding? Well look no further, the cleaning business is  not that much of a hassle, but obviously just like anything else there are a few hurdles here and there. Well let me introduce you to someone, that is quiet farmiliar with this industry, so he sheds a bit of light with us.

Meet Leago Monareng, a 22 year old Media practice undergraduate and Co-Owner of MMC Cleaning Service, which has been operating since 2013. Leago was looking in to starting a business, but wanted something that was easy and did not require a lot of capital. The cleaning business was born after his mom bought cleaning products that were home made by her colleague thats when he thought it would be a great idea to start his own cleaning company. The idea was to supply cleaning products and offer setvices to companies and households in need of cleaning services.

His biggest setbacks were funding and geting mentorship, because his business was small and no one believed that it would succeed. It takes a person with resilience and patience to make it in the cleaning industry. Leago says if you are motivated by success and wanting to achieve great things in life, not even set backs like funding will stop you from victory. Take risks, invest in yourself, invest in your business, sell your brand and always find ways to improve yourself. It might be easy to start a cleaning company, but with no disipline it will not be that easy to maintain and sustain it.


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