Concrete jungle 2014’s beautiful memories

By: Naledi Mokgele

When home is the Hilton Hotel and Times Square is a few walks away from you, one can not help, but feel important in life, beautiful scenery and a perfect taste of the concrete jungle were dreams are made of. Tour bus to the world trade centre, cruise to the Satatue of Liberty and a drive around the city seeing the Empire State building, man I swear this is what living your best life feels like. This trip has left me dreaming and praying that I make enough money to travel the rest of the world and take beautiful pictures. 

Except for the yellow cabs, driving in the opposite direction and the accent  New York City in my eyes is a bigger version of Sandton, It is not what I was expecting, maybe TV sold me dreams, because honestly New York to me was home away from home. The food was not my favourite part of the stay, nothing will come close to my moms home cooked meal, done the South African way.

If I could go back, I would at any given moment, the summer there is too real, I burnt a couple of hours upon my arrival and I was already a shade darker. Shopping at 10 pm on a hot summers night in stores like H$M and Forever21 was the best feeling in the world, highlight of my stay I am telling you. Not forgetting Starbucks coffee of course, Oh and the MacD there? Heaven I tell you! The beautiful, yet busy Time Square is so much alive at night it just looks so magical with those electronic billboards. New York has this strong aura that one can not help, but feel like you can conquer anything in the world when you are there. It was home away from home, I would definetly love to go back and experience the winter and hopefully have a white Christmas, just like in movies.


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