Fashionably bold and unapologetic

By: Naledi Mokgele

Hello, it is that time of the year when women express themseleves differently, the time of the year when every, if not most women believe that less is more, however a lot of females do this ‘less is more’ or ‘comfortable in my own skin’ business so wrong. They end up under dressing, forgetting that more is also beautiful and classy.

Honey! African prints, natural hair and big bold African neckpieces are a thing now, what a time to be an African. A time to finally be you and own it while flaunting it, ladies whatever you do this season you need to be bold and unapologetic about it. Rock that Doek and fleek it, you know what they say about the doek #RespectTheDoek.

Follow your favourite fashion bloggers, look at their outfit of the day and make it your own. Some of the pages you can follow on Instagram to get your daily dosage of fashion insoiration are of course the Queen herself Bonang Matheba @Bonang_m and Kefilwe Mabote @Kefi_boo. Let your body represent your authenticity,  your roots and pride, dont fall short and be left out, your Zulu neckpiece, your Dashiki and those Bantu knots are beautiful, they are fashionably acceptable, so rock them unapollegetically .


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