When faith births greatness – Colin Mohono

By: Naledi Mokgele 

Your past is not yoursetback in life, growing up with no mother and living alone from the age of 17 made 24 year old Colin Mohono the man that he is today, Mohono is a successful self made entrepreneur from Bloemfontein Free State. He lost his mother at the age of 15 and was forced to live alone after his dad moved out two years later and married another woman. He believes that his mother’s passing was a blessing in disguise from God “At first it was not easy, up until I understood that God had to remove my mother so he can raise me up himself, I am very blessed I must say” He is a man of resilience, his strong character is the reason why growing up he never fell victim of peer pressure, he knew what he wanted from life and was not willing to stop at anything. His hunger and drive for success is the reason why today he owns his own clothing store, part of a media group and does motivational talks at high schools, although he feels like he still has a long way to go.

“I still have a lot to achieve, my goal is to be the worlds best life coach” which is something he is working hard at making a reality. He is regarded as a humble guy amongst his peers, it did not take a village to raise Colin, but he works hard at empowering the youth and sharing his testomony with the hope of making a difference. Colin lives by the motto “dont wait for motivation, just do it.” He did not let his situation to discourage him in life, in fact that is what kept him going and even today he is still making a name for himself. He is currently studying Economic Management Science through UNISA, because after grade 12 he was not fortunate enough to further his studies. His work continues to inspire people around him, he has accepted his past and created a future for himself through the up and downs of life he kept his faith. “We need to stick by the creator, that is what kept me going” a little bit of faith goes a long way, Mohono’s fighting spirit teaches the youth to take charge of their lives regatdless of one’s upbringing.


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