Taps will soon dry out

 ​By: Naledi Mokgele

We need to protect the little that we have, or taps in South Africa will soon dry out. Post the press conference held by Rand Water about the 15% water restriction, we are still not wining, Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane spoke on Tuesdsy 04 October with great dissapointment that consumers failed to adhere to the 15% water restriction.

Minister Nomvula Mokonyane said that Gauteng water supply is so low and is at a point of no return the Vaal Dam was recorded on 26 September to be at 30.1% and is losing 0.8% every week. She later emphsised that if consumers and municipslities failed to adhere to the 15% cut down, the dam kevels could drop to 25% by November 14.

The Vaal River system is getting less water from dams, because of lack of rain, the system supplies water to roughly 13 million people in Gauteng, parts of North West and the Free State.

Mokonyane said if water consumption does not reduce between November and January, the entire Vaal River system could collapse. 79% of water usage in Johannesburg is urban domestic, so it is important for Johannesburg residents to play their role and contribute to conserving the little water that we still have available.

Source for some of the information: (Raborife, 2016)


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