Water crisis in the City of Gold

​By: Naledi Mokgele 

On Wednesday 28 September, Rand Water held a press conference at Boston City Campus scheduled for 09:30 am and the purpose of the conference was to address the issue of the 15% water restriction that was recently enforced. 

Johannesburg is facing a water crisis, due to draught, faulty pipes and water leakages. The CEO MR Johannes Nong said “our pipes have been in use for almost 40 years which is why we are experiencing issues with our pipes”. The water crisis has a big effect on Johannesburg as most of the countries population resides in Johannesburg.

There are measures put in place to ensure the water shortage does not leave residents stranded and with out water. Some of the measures are boreholes as temporary solutions and water trucks in high laying areas. Johannesburg Water and the Johannesburg Municipality has put in place two billion rand to deal with the current water crisis. The residents of Johannesburg are urged to assist manage the problem at hand, residents that fail to comply with the 15% water restriction will be issued with strict fines.
(Disclaimer: Names and venue are not the actual ones, this was for a school assignment)


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