Black don’t crack

Daughter of the African soil, arise for your time has come.
A beam of hope and a ray of prosperity is shining upon your life
A morning kiss from the golden African Sun is a reminder that your glow and spark is yet to shine brighter

Go open doors of success black African queen, your story still needs to be told
You are a black girl with golden dreams and colourful thoughts
Black girl get your paper,change the world and be part of the black excellence.

Graduation day came, you buried the obstacles and came out victorious, mama is singing praises
Wena mokgwatleng wa mathari wa haena haena kgaetsedi ya barolong i kgantse moradi wa Mokgele o imbokodo!

22/06/2017 When God says yes nobody can say no. I came, I saw and I conquered!
To greater heights, new challenges and more belts, black child focus and go get what is yours.
Remember; Black child your dreams are valid too!