I am a woman

I am a woman, a phenomenal woman, I am a beautiful mess, that carries her struggles with pride and when I love, I love for real.

I am a woman… I am not easily broken, I make things happen and not even pain or temporary setbacks will stop me from unleashing the greatness that lives within me.

My skin that glows like the African sunset on a hot summer’s day is a constant reminder that I am the daughter of the African soil, worthy of everything that is coming my way. I am magic and my radiant glow is a beam of hope.

I am a dime so precious and valuable, but not all will appreciate, but that wont stop me from shining.

My spark is eternal and wherever I go I sprinkle bits and bits of my birthright royalty.

I inspire, I love, I motivate and I birth beautiful blessings.

You can abuse me, rape me, kill me, but my spark? You can never take that away from me darling…

You can plant me anywhere you want to, I will still bloom, because I am a woman, a beautiful flower that does not need permission to blossom.

You cant break me, because I am a diamond, I am strength, I am resilience, I am a queen.

I am a woman.