I am a woman

I am a woman, a phenomenal woman, I am a beautiful mess, that carries her struggles with pride and when I love, I love for real.

I am a woman… I am not easily broken, I make things happen and not even pain or temporary setbacks will stop me from unleashing the greatness that lives within me.

My skin that glows like the African sunset on a hot summer’s day is a constant reminder that I am the daughter of the African soil, worthy of everything that is coming my way. I am magic and my radiant glow is a beam of hope.

I am a dime so precious and valuable, but not all will appreciate, but that wont stop me from shining.

My spark is eternal and wherever I go I sprinkle bits and bits of my birthright royalty.

I inspire, I love, I motivate and I birth beautiful blessings.

You can abuse me, rape me, kill me, but my spark? You can never take that away from me darling…

You can plant me anywhere you want to, I will still bloom, because I am a woman, a beautiful flower that does not need permission to blossom.

You cant break me, because I am a diamond, I am strength, I am resilience, I am a queen.

I am a woman.


Black don’t crack

Daughter of the African soil, arise for your time has come.
A beam of hope and a ray of prosperity is shining upon your life
A morning kiss from the golden African Sun is a reminder that your glow and spark is yet to shine brighter

Go open doors of success black African queen, your story still needs to be told
You are a black girl with golden dreams and colourful thoughts
Black girl get your paper,change the world and be part of the black excellence.

Graduation day came, you buried the obstacles and came out victorious, mama is singing praises
Wena mokgwatleng wa mathari wa haena haena kgaetsedi ya barolong i kgantse moradi wa Mokgele o imbokodo!

22/06/2017 When God says yes nobody can say no. I came, I saw and I conquered!
To greater heights, new challenges and more belts, black child focus and go get what is yours.
Remember; Black child your dreams are valid too!

State of drama and shame

I am still yet to digest the horror that was the State of the Nation Address 2017, I really can’t bring myself to taking anything Parliament related serious, but how can I, when our own president does not take us serious. All he did was grace us with his famous sarcastic laugh, he just could not be bothered, never mind the fact that we are in this mess, because of his poor leadership skills. 

The State of the Nation was all a big joke, it was a form of entertainment for those who are naive and don’t realise the mess we are swimming in or should I say drowning in? Our government invests so much of their precious time in getting the right outfit for the SONA red carpet event, then actually investing in the people of South Africa.

 The State of the Nation was just too much, everything was just wrong, I’m still trying to get the logic behind the armed police men in shields. Oh can we also talk about how insensitive madam speaker was? What is 30 seconds of a moment of silence, when we waited a whole hour, before the President could actually address the Nation, why was that even an issue? It was the government’s error, the least they could do was to show respect to the families of the deceased. 

Anyway I will not dwell much on that, I am just scared at the rate at which I am slowly, but surely losing faith in our government and it’s leaders, makes me wonder how many of our youth shares the same sentiments, what does that say about the future of our country? I pray amongst us as the youth, lies noble characters, that are selfless and are prepared to work day and night in fixing the mistakes of our current government. 

What pains me the most, is how even when valid points were made, it was still regarded as invalid, is this what democracy is all about? Is this really, what Tata fought hard for? For people to be forcefully  evicted and intimidated by “security protection unit” or whatever you want to call them, are we going to abuse power to best suit our needs? It’s fairness not a priority now? How free are we, when walking out of parliament is the only way certain parties can make a point?

 I am disappointed in the state of our country, 23 years in to democracy, I think we still not getting it right, we still don’t know what democracy means. Why were the mikes being switched off? Is it not my right as a citizen to hear what is being said in parliament? Why switch off someone’s mike, if they are making a valid point? Are we still dealing with issues of censorship even today? So many questions, but no one to answer.

I don’t condone the behaviour of other parties, but can we address the basics here? Maybe If rules were being followed, such uncalled for behaviour would have not prevailed. I am still yet to find my space in this rainbow nation, I am still yet to educate myself more on it, because everything I witnessed last night was nothing but a violation of Ubuntu. 

If it is the State of the Nation Address, we as the citizen expect to be made a priority, we expect parties to share a common goal regardless of their affiliations, we expect unity, we expect respect and human decency. They can not be screaming, fighting and swearing, like we are watching Wrestling, this is our time, it is bad enough the government is always failing us in delivering, addressing us really shouldn’t be an issue. 

The damage that is this country is beyond deep,  it is like sitting in a sinking ship and all you can do is watch it sink. I am hoping the State of the Nation address, was an eye opener to the citizen of South Africa, I hope you all realised that it’s up to us, to make wise decisions when electing our leaders, because truth is only us can save our country. 

Mtaka mma, don’t let the good fight of our legends go to waste, rise up mbokoto and fight the good fight. 

Note to the girl in the mirror

By: Naledi Mokgele

Today you are going to wake up, fix your crown, look straight in to the mirror and tell that girl… That she is beautiful, worth it, and the world is her play ground. 

Today she will live her best life, she will forgive herself for her past mistakes and those who have done her wrong and she will move on with her life. 

Today you will remind that girl, that greatness lives within her, tell her she is been through hell and back, but she survived, because she is a soldier and she is not easily broken. 

Today you will tell her that, perfection is just an illusion, God loves her perfect imperfections, remind her to embrace those flaws, because they are beautiful. 

Today, you will love yourself, be happy and be unapologetic about it. 

Today, you are walking away from all the drama and negativity, 2017 is your year of self discovery, a year where you become selfish with your happiness, a year where you do you, they don’t have to like it, remember it is not about them, it is all about YOU! 

Today you are freeing yourself from the chains of this world.

Today you are not going to conform to the standards of society, live your life and shine, embrace that spark that lives within you. 

Today you rock that crown and try once again, don’t give up on yourself, but first breath, breath in the good air and breath out the bad air. 

Today I promise to love the girl in the mirror more, because she is a reflection of my soul, she never judges me, she is my biggest supporter and my only competition. She smiles back at me, when the world is ready to eat me up alive, she is the reason I have achieved all I have and the reason I am still hoping for better days and to reach grater heights. 

To the girl in the mirror, I love you and thank you for always being there when I felt alone, but most importantly I want you to know that i amdmire your strength. 

Your home is  someone’s escape from poverty

I carry my faith in my bag every time I leave home
I left home, because I was told S.A is the land of possibilities
Your comfort is my source of income
We came with the same vision #FathersUnited
Comers of hope in the streets of Centurion
​This is what a normal day in the streets of the suburbs looks like, men who sacrifice their family time to take care of other families. I respect them, this what strength  looks, regardless of their circumstances they wake up every morning to provide for their families.

Taps will soon dry out

 ​By: Naledi Mokgele

We need to protect the little that we have, or taps in South Africa will soon dry out. Post the press conference held by Rand Water about the 15% water restriction, we are still not wining, Water and Sanitation Minister Nomvula Mokonyane spoke on Tuesdsy 04 October with great dissapointment that consumers failed to adhere to the 15% water restriction.

Minister Nomvula Mokonyane said that Gauteng water supply is so low and is at a point of no return the Vaal Dam was recorded on 26 September to be at 30.1% and is losing 0.8% every week. She later emphsised that if consumers and municipslities failed to adhere to the 15% cut down, the dam kevels could drop to 25% by November 14.

The Vaal River system is getting less water from dams, because of lack of rain, the system supplies water to roughly 13 million people in Gauteng, parts of North West and the Free State.

Mokonyane said if water consumption does not reduce between November and January, the entire Vaal River system could collapse. 79% of water usage in Johannesburg is urban domestic, so it is important for Johannesburg residents to play their role and contribute to conserving the little water that we still have available.

Source for some of the information: (Raborife, 2016)

Water crisis in the City of Gold

​By: Naledi Mokgele 

On Wednesday 28 September, Rand Water held a press conference at Boston City Campus scheduled for 09:30 am and the purpose of the conference was to address the issue of the 15% water restriction that was recently enforced. 

Johannesburg is facing a water crisis, due to draught, faulty pipes and water leakages. The CEO MR Johannes Nong said “our pipes have been in use for almost 40 years which is why we are experiencing issues with our pipes”. The water crisis has a big effect on Johannesburg as most of the countries population resides in Johannesburg.

There are measures put in place to ensure the water shortage does not leave residents stranded and with out water. Some of the measures are boreholes as temporary solutions and water trucks in high laying areas. Johannesburg Water and the Johannesburg Municipality has put in place two billion rand to deal with the current water crisis. The residents of Johannesburg are urged to assist manage the problem at hand, residents that fail to comply with the 15% water restriction will be issued with strict fines.
(Disclaimer: Names and venue are not the actual ones, this was for a school assignment)