When faith births greatness – Colin Mohono

By: Naledi Mokgele 

Your past is not yoursetback in life, growing up with no mother and living alone from the age of 17 made 24 year old Colin Mohono the man that he is today, Mohono is a successful self made entrepreneur from Bloemfontein Free State. He lost his mother at the age of 15 and was forced to live alone after his dad moved out two years later and married another woman. He believes that his mother’s passing was a blessing in disguise from God “At first it was not easy, up until I understood that God had to remove my mother so he can raise me up himself, I am very blessed I must say” He is a man of resilience, his strong character is the reason why growing up he never fell victim of peer pressure, he knew what he wanted from life and was not willing to stop at anything. His hunger and drive for success is the reason why today he owns his own clothing store, part of a media group and does motivational talks at high schools, although he feels like he still has a long way to go.

“I still have a lot to achieve, my goal is to be the worlds best life coach” which is something he is working hard at making a reality. He is regarded as a humble guy amongst his peers, it did not take a village to raise Colin, but he works hard at empowering the youth and sharing his testomony with the hope of making a difference. Colin lives by the motto “dont wait for motivation, just do it.” He did not let his situation to discourage him in life, in fact that is what kept him going and even today he is still making a name for himself. He is currently studying Economic Management Science through UNISA, because after grade 12 he was not fortunate enough to further his studies. His work continues to inspire people around him, he has accepted his past and created a future for himself through the up and downs of life he kept his faith. “We need to stick by the creator, that is what kept me going” a little bit of faith goes a long way, Mohono’s fighting spirit teaches the youth to take charge of their lives regatdless of one’s upbringing.


A simple idea, bigger dreams

 ​By: Naledi Mokgele

Looking into starting a business? A small and easy business that does not require lots of funding? Well look no further, the cleaning business is  not that much of a hassle, but obviously just like anything else there are a few hurdles here and there. Well let me introduce you to someone, that is quiet farmiliar with this industry, so he sheds a bit of light with us.

Meet Leago Monareng, a 22 year old Media practice undergraduate and Co-Owner of MMC Cleaning Service, which has been operating since 2013. Leago was looking in to starting a business, but wanted something that was easy and did not require a lot of capital. The cleaning business was born after his mom bought cleaning products that were home made by her colleague thats when he thought it would be a great idea to start his own cleaning company. The idea was to supply cleaning products and offer setvices to companies and households in need of cleaning services.

His biggest setbacks were funding and geting mentorship, because his business was small and no one believed that it would succeed. It takes a person with resilience and patience to make it in the cleaning industry. Leago says if you are motivated by success and wanting to achieve great things in life, not even set backs like funding will stop you from victory. Take risks, invest in yourself, invest in your business, sell your brand and always find ways to improve yourself. It might be easy to start a cleaning company, but with no disipline it will not be that easy to maintain and sustain it.

My lost soul found motivation

By: Naledi Mokgele 

It is so easy to sit at home and start imagining your perfect future, well that is my life, my everyday struggle. My love for the entertainment and events industry, keeps me up all night, but I dont do anthing productive, I just sit nd hope for a beautiful future. I have recently decided to evaluate existing events companies that I know and see what is that I can learn and do differently if I would to start my own events company.

Funny how, sometimes our motivation can be revived, by a simple conversation.I have recently had a conversation with a friend and I was just impressed, by all she has achived, it got me thinking maybe it is time I go back to the drawing board and re-evaluate my life.

Ndivho Mavhungu is a 22 year old owner of ‘everything you’ events, it has been operating for 3 years now and she is also a photographer who takes pictures at her own events. Decorating is not something she always wanted to do, she saw a gap and took it and that is how her events company was born. I love how her company makes the needs of their clients central and not only focusing on money.

It didnt take much for her to start this thriving business, all it required was discipline and dedication. I am yet to master the art of self discipline and give birth to a dream I have always wanted. I found my motivation and I am inspired, by a small town girl from Venda who came to Pretoria to reach for the stars. 

Concrete jungle 2014’s beautiful memories

By: Naledi Mokgele

When home is the Hilton Hotel and Times Square is a few walks away from you, one can not help, but feel important in life, beautiful scenery and a perfect taste of the concrete jungle were dreams are made of. Tour bus to the world trade centre, cruise to the Satatue of Liberty and a drive around the city seeing the Empire State building, man I swear this is what living your best life feels like. This trip has left me dreaming and praying that I make enough money to travel the rest of the world and take beautiful pictures. 

Except for the yellow cabs, driving in the opposite direction and the accent  New York City in my eyes is a bigger version of Sandton, It is not what I was expecting, maybe TV sold me dreams, because honestly New York to me was home away from home. The food was not my favourite part of the stay, nothing will come close to my moms home cooked meal, done the South African way.

If I could go back, I would at any given moment, the summer there is too real, I burnt a couple of hours upon my arrival and I was already a shade darker. Shopping at 10 pm on a hot summers night in stores like H$M and Forever21 was the best feeling in the world, highlight of my stay I am telling you. Not forgetting Starbucks coffee of course, Oh and the MacD there? Heaven I tell you! The beautiful, yet busy Time Square is so much alive at night it just looks so magical with those electronic billboards. New York has this strong aura that one can not help, but feel like you can conquer anything in the world when you are there. It was home away from home, I would definetly love to go back and experience the winter and hopefully have a white Christmas, just like in movies.

Fashionably bold and unapologetic

By: Naledi Mokgele

Hello, it is that time of the year when women express themseleves differently, the time of the year when every, if not most women believe that less is more, however a lot of females do this ‘less is more’ or ‘comfortable in my own skin’ business so wrong. They end up under dressing, forgetting that more is also beautiful and classy.

Honey! African prints, natural hair and big bold African neckpieces are a thing now, what a time to be an African. A time to finally be you and own it while flaunting it, ladies whatever you do this season you need to be bold and unapologetic about it. Rock that Doek and fleek it, you know what they say about the doek #RespectTheDoek.

Follow your favourite fashion bloggers, look at their outfit of the day and make it your own. Some of the pages you can follow on Instagram to get your daily dosage of fashion insoiration are of course the Queen herself Bonang Matheba @Bonang_m and Kefilwe Mabote @Kefi_boo. Let your body represent your authenticity,  your roots and pride, dont fall short and be left out, your Zulu neckpiece, your Dashiki and those Bantu knots are beautiful, they are fashionably acceptable, so rock them unapollegetically .